Higher Secondary School

Higher Secondary School

The last two years of school follow the GSEB board syllabus. This is an exciting broad-based study that combines rigorous academic studies with creative work and social interaction. It is an academically challenging and balanced programme of education that prepares students for success at the university level and life beyond. It is a 2-year pre-university course for students of ages 16 to 19 years and is valued and accepted by all the leading universities.

Effective oral and written communication is focused on throughout the course. In each field of study, students are expected to carry out investigations and they are introduced to the elements of research. It is a balanced course which emphasizes the development of the child as a whole individual which is essential at university level. It prepares children to take social and moral challenges that occur in a complex world.

Higher secondary school as Bridge between school & college

Importance of this stage is that it is the bridge between the general information of the mind and personality which school education is and the higher learning specia- lizations which the college and university represent. This ‘stage is on the one Hand as strong or as weak as the school stage is and is simultaneously a test of the soundness of the learning culture developed at the school. The higher secondary is in relation to the school both a mirror and a reflector. On the other hand the foundations for higher learning are laid at this stage. In that sense the university and the college can only build on the material formed at the higher secondary stage. This stage is thus both a judge of the school system and the forecaster of the learning futures of the university.

List of Subjects Offered

  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Science- Physics, Chemistry & Biology
  • Language- English
  • Physical Education

Monthly / semester base syllabus schedule:
std. vise syllabus can be download in pdf format.